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Birdhouse Blue Tit In Giftbox FSC® 100%

This nesting box made from natural materials has been designed for the Blue Tit. Except for the Blue Tit, you can also expect the Crested Tit, the Marsh Tit, the Willow Tit and the Coal Tit in this bird house. The best place to hang the bird house is a quiet and somewhat sheltered spot, therefore not in the direct sunlight or on the side catching the rain, and an obstacle free approach route for the bird. Autumn is the best season to clean out the birdhouse. During severe winter conditions, the nesting box offers shelter and protection to the birds. Grooved and sloping roof for excellent rainwater drainage Overhanging roof. Ventilation gap below the roof. Drainage holes in the bottom. Hinged side for easy opening and cleaning. 15mm thick wood for good isolation. 27mm diameter flight opening. Keyhole slot. Made in Europe.

Pack Size 6

Dimensions 18,8x17,5x22,8 cm


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