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Ladybird House FSC® 100 %

No garden can go without a nesting box. This basic box with natural materials will give the ladybirds a good place to nest and will help conserve their population or help their reintroduction in a certain area. Four horizontal openings in the front and back allow easy access to the ladybirds and so they can take shelter. At the same time it will keep many of the competitors most predators outside. Ladybirds are not just a joy to watch, they are also very useful guests in the garden. A grown ladybird can eat up to 100 aphids a day. Ladybirds often hibernate in a group together. To make it a homey place for ladybirds you should place some loose leaves or a roll of corrugated cardboard in the house. Thanks to the closed flat back with mounting option this nesting box can be mounted against a wall. key hole opening

Pack Size 8

Dimensions 17.4 x 10.1 x 22.8cm


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