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Hedgehog House FSC® 100%

A good nest is essential for Hedgehogs if they are to survive the winter . They often build their nests under logs, piles of brushwood or leaves. However in our tidy gardens there is often nowhere for them to build their nests. This hedgehog house imatates a natural nest and is an ideal home. Place the house on dry ground in a quiet sheltered spot in the garden. Put some dry leaves in the house , cover the house with a thick layer of dry leaves , twigs and other natural materials. Leave the opening clear and facing south or south west . It is essential the construction is sturdy enough to prevent dogs and badgers disturbing it . This clever design nest has an extendable entrance to prevent dogs or badgers from reaching inside . The wood is 100% fsc with a water proof felt roof .

Pack Size 4

Dimensions 36 x 27 x 20 cm


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