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Old Wood Feeding House FSC® 100%

This apple house with birdfood is not just practical but also decorative. Spoil the birds with a delicious treat. This ready-made apple house with feeding sling contains natural ingredients only and thus serves as an addition to the naturally available food. There should always be bird food in the garden for birds. The food supply for the birds is diminishing causing the decline of many of the bird species. Provide additional food all year round using these suet balls and peanuts and bring the bright bird world back to the garden. The weathered apple house is perfectly suited for attaching pieces of fruit later, so that birds can enjoy them. Robins, black birds and song thrushes enjoy eating apples and pears. By pulling out the pin you can easily stick pieces of fruit on it. Apple house including peanut net and food sling (suet balls and peanuts) Packaged in foil with raffia Packed in display Optimal supplements based on naturally available food All natural ingredients Suspension hole Fixtures not included

Pack Size 78

Dimensions 16 x 5.6 x 21.9 cm


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