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Bee House In Giftbox FSC® 100%

Besides the honey bee, Europe has hundreds of other bee species. These bees are very important in the pollination of flowers and plants. Whether you have wild plants, food crops, fruit trees or ornamental plants in the garden, 80% of these rely on insects for their fruit and seed formation. Many species are endangered due to the decline in flora and nesting facilities. This bee house is equipped with bamboo straws with different diameters so that various types of wild bees van nest here. A female bee makes several cells in a bamboo straw containing an egg and some pollen and nectar for the larva. Hang this bee house in a sunny, south-facing spot. Before hanging the bee house, it is advisable to wipe the bamboo straws clean with the brush supplied. Bees like "tight" gaits. 15 mm thick walls which provide perfect isolation. Sloping roof, the water will flow off. Overhanging roof which protects from wind and rain.

Pack Size 6

Dimensions 15,5x15,9x22,0 cm


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