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Silhouette Squirrel Feeder FSC® 100%

Squirrels are quite the acrobats amongst trees and bushes. When it comes to searching for food, they are very clever. Squirrels like to eat peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds, however squirrels often raid bird feeders, depriving birds of their own food. Squirrels can help themselves to nuts with this feeder and you can help avoid unnecessary raids on the bird feeders. They will eat on the spot or take it away and hide it in the garden, storing it for winter. These agile animals can be observed easily whilst they are eating. Coloured roof with silhouette. Can be opened by lifting the roof. Keyhole slot at the backside. Packed with a booklet. Water based wood stain. FSC certified wood. Made in Europe.

Pack Size 8

Dimensions 14,6x24,9x26,1 cm


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