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Bird Pot (blue Tit)

Bird's pots have been used since the 16th century. This bird pot is based on a model from the 17th century. Just as now, people in the past enjoyed having birds around them and watching them tend to their chicks. This hand crafted pot has an authentic appearance and has been handcrafted in the traditional style. The basic form is a spherical vase, which can be hung on a wall thanks to its flat open back. This pot offers Tits and Sparrows a good place to nestle and helps maintain or bring back a population in an area. During the winter time this bird pot will often provide birds with a place This terracotta bird pot is perfect for blue tits. It has a landing stick. Hang in a quiet sheltered spot. 32mm (1.26") entrance hole on the side Includes landing stick Suspension hole Easy to clean through the back Packaged in brown giftbox

Pack Size 6

Dimensions 24.5 x 13.6 x 17.3cm


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