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Bouffadou Pipe

The French have a legend about a witch named Bouffanelle, which says that she lived in the forests of Gévaudan, a historical part of French which is now part of the Lozère. She had a magical ‘Devil’s wand’ with which she could summon the devil by blowing into the fire with this wand. The name ‘Bouffadou’ refers to this witch Bouffanelle. Blowpipes have a long tradition, especially in areas with long and harsh winters. Creating proper airflow in the fires of fireplaces, stoves or grills (while at a safe distance from the flames) is quick and easy with this handy blowpipe. The two fire irons at the bottom come in handy when flipping over the wood log.

Pack Size 12

Dimensions 73 x 12 x 4.5 cm


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