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Ladybird House In Giftbox FSC® 100%

Apart from being a joy to watch, ladybirds are extremely useful creatures. An adult ladybird eats about 100 aphids per day, which is a good reason to make it them comfortable in your garden. The ladybird house is designed to allow ladybirds to shelter whilst keeping out other likely inhabitants or predators and that ladybirds can access it easily. Ladybirds often hibernate in a group together and it is advisable to put some leaves or a corrugated carton roll inside to make them feel at home. Also frozen ladybird larvae can be put into this house for biological control of aphids. 15 mm thick walls which provide perfect isolation. Sloping roof, the water will flow off. Overhanging roof which protects from wind and rain. Front side is hinged for easy cleaning. Four drainage holes in the bottom. Sides enclose the floor to prevent water coming in. Packed in a full colour gift box.

Pack Size 6

Dimensions 15,5x15,9x22,0 cm


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